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Sometings about me;
My home was located next to a local tavern 1504 Moore st. Phila,pa. I would play music into the wee hours of the morning (Emily's Bar, Barbara's Place and a few other owners). The house was basically given to my father by Frank Liberace, rip, thanks Uncle Frank!  Frank inherited it from the Liberace family,  Liberace would come by a couple times during my childhood. Liberace is family through marriage. I am very happy to have a great relationship with the family, Hello Susan L!. I could hear the music though his bedroom walls, or like so many people, my dad played it on Sundays, and spent many years in the bar, but not drinking ... it was there that i guess i fell in love with music. I was drawn to the work of  Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Darin,Elton John, 5th Dimension and other artists from that era.
Surviving war and cancer, i can assure you, that's it is really important to be, honest, authentic, and interact with my crowd. 
  sing like it's my last time!

It As a 21yr old, Carlo joined the Army, but he never lost his love for singing. And for one of his tours he signed up as a Vocalist for the 276 Army Band. He was honored to perform at an event for the reveal of a mural dedicated to Frank Sinatra. It was a nationally televised event and was attended by Nancy and Tina Sinatra and the wife of the late Sammy Davis Jr.

Carlo's time as the vocalist for the Army Band helped him gain important experience and training. Working in uniform as SGT with the 40 Piece Military Concert Band, singing for Generals, Betsy Ross house, Governors Mansion and many more was something special,

Carlo has been described by critics as a mix of a young Frank Sinatra and a later day Bobby Darin, and he says a few others things, lol . Carlo is himself up there and believes you have to be honest when performing. Be yourself.

Morelli has shared the stage with a few celebrities, looking forward to more! and he has performed with some of the premier musicians in the country.

Recently, Carlo has performed at a wide variety of events, and it is clear from the reactions of enthusiastic crowds in attendance that Morelli is an exciting talent, and it looks like we will be hearing a lot more from him in the near future.

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